Welcome!! My name is GiGi Graham. I am the founder of Black Vegan Social (BVS).

My journey to veganism is extremely unorthodox. I was a career driven executive in the financial sector. An educated well-versed woman who lost it all. My emotional, physical, and spiritual health plummeted and I went into a dark place. Now I know what you’re thinking, but in all actuality, that dark place saved my life. That’s where truth was revealed and I saw myself through my ancestor’s eyes. They enlightened me and endowed me with power & purpose. I was freed and determined to stay that way. Already being a vegetarian, I decided veganism was my next step.
On January 1st, 2017, I officially started my vegan journey. I was so excited about the idea of connecting with other vegans like me. I joined several local support groups in my area, and I quickly noticed that the vegan culture wasn’t as diverse as I’d hoped – which was extremely disappointing to me. Veganism was life-changing! I was healthy now and wanted to see more people within my community healthy. I knew awareness was needed, but where were the local vegan groups that were teaching and raising awareness? To my surprise, I found none. So, I decided to do something about it. On May 3rd, I started a support group called JAX Black Vegan Social and hosting my first event. About 15 to 20 black vegans and aspiring friends came out and we instantly knew this was going to be something very special.

Many opportunities were allotted for me to start similar black vegan support groups in other cities and states, that’s when Black Vegan Social (BVS) was born. BVS is now a platform for black vegans to inclusively grow as a plant-based community.  We represent ethical & health specific vegans. We focus on our community’s inclusion instead of the exclusion of others. Each of us are at different stages in our vegan journey. We understand that our passions and perspectives differ, but our blackness and veganism connects us – we are “Community Over Beliefs.” Our mission is unwavering and our continuation matters. We are veganism from a melanated perspective.

Currently, we have chapters worldwide. Our community has reaches well over 100,000 members on social media. Many lives have changed, sicknesses and diseases reversed – We are proud to say our people have started taking ownership of their health and wellness through a plant-based lifestyle by way of Black Vegan Social. This movement is growing daily, which offers us great opportunities. Thank you for joining!


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