How does one become vegan?


This is single-handedly the question I get asked the most. I often think back to the start of my own vegan journey. There were no rule books or any guidelines for me to access. I simply wanted to live a healthy quality life. I was no longer willing to accept or give power to the chronic dis-eases that were painfully and slowly killing off my family.


I’ve been vegan for two years and interacted with thousands of vegans worldwide. I’ve put together a “guide”, an amalgamation of all the knowledge and advice shared on this journey


Here are the 5 top things you’ll need to SIMPLY GO VEGAN!



Journaling was one of the most important tools I had on my journey. It allowed me to document my progress and keep track of recipes, shopping lists and tips. I literally created my own vegan bible. Each person’s genetic makeup is different and we all think differently. This means we all will respond to food differently, too. I had to learn to listen to my body, and write down things that worked for me for later reference. I take my journal everywhere! Select your favorite blank ruled journal and use that as a guide and reference on your journey.

Support/ Community

Being a part of an active and supportive community matter! Listen…I was tired of being the only vegan friend in the group; I was over the constant mocking from friends and family who didn’t get it. Connecting with others that shared my views allowed me to grow and stay the vegan course. Make sure to careful review and select groups on social media, make new friends (you don’t have to get rid of the old ones…yet lol) and create the world around you that best fits your new lifestyle!


Vegans are modern day magicians. We can literally turn water into wine. Being a vegan requires you to tap into your creative energy. Most people begin their vegan journey focusing on what they’d be losing. They get hooked on the lack of variety. Instead of self-sabotaging with those thoughts see how creative you can be with everyday foods. Did you know that you can “veganize” nearly all of your favorite dishes. Find your creative spark by writing out your fav recipe, crossing out the non-vegan products used and finding the vegan replacement.


Showing compassion for life and the humane treatment of animals allowed me to see there is a bigger picture of veganism of which I want to be a part. It was my path of love. I not only practice compassion to animals but I practice self-compassion by putting electric foods in my body that heal me and not harm me. The compassion starts from the inside out.


There is no race to win. This is a day-by-day journey. Take each day one at a time and commit yourself wholeheartedly. Remember anything new can be challenging but challenges are good. It means you are growing and becoming better. Your commitment is a personal journey because it’s yours to keep. No one can be vegan for you. Keep close to your heart the reason you started and don’t beat yourself up if you slip up. Use the reset button as much as needed until this is second nature. Fall back on your community when you need accountability. You can do this!

Oh, and here’s a bonus… Keep a vegan snack with you at all times (fruit, nuts and seeds are great starters and easy to hide!)


Welcome and Good Luck!


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